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  • Constitution of the Republic of Malta, 19641

The Constitution of Malta was adopted on September 21, 1964, and has been amended twenty four times, most recently in 2007. The protection of the environment is not mentioned in the constitution of Malta.

The Malta environment and planing authority (MEPA) is the competent Authority responsible for implementing much of the EU Environment Acquis. The EU Acquis consists of over 200 EU instruments, including regulations and decision which are directly binding and directives which are transposed into national legislation. It comprises legal instruments on waste management, industrial pollution control, air quality, water quality, biodiversity and nature protection, noise, chemicals, GMOs, radiation protection and horizontal issues. Strategic direction is provided by the EU's 6th Environment Action Programme, until 2012.

As a result of Malta’s accession to the EU, Malta has transposed EU directive relating to the environment,in line with the acquis communautaire and has upgraded its environmental legislation, binding itself to adopt measures which are strategically aimed at achieving sustainable development goals.These commitments, among others, have imposed an obligation and a mandate for Malta to adopt a sustainable development strategy.

Information on Malta’s environmental legislation can be accessed through the Malta environment and planning's official website.

1. The 1964 Constitution of the Republic of Malta and its amendments until 2007, can be accessed on the Presidency's official website.