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  • Constitution of the Maldives, 1932
  • Constitution of the Maldives, 1934
  • Constitution of the Maldives, 1937
  • Constitution of the Maldives, 1942
  • Constitution of the Republic of the Maldives, 1954
  • Constitution of the Maldives, 1964
  • Constitution of the Maldives, 1967
  • Constitution of the Republic of the Maldives, 1968
  • Constitution of the Republic of the Maldives, 1997
  • Constitution of the Republic of the Maldives, 2008

The Constitution of the Republic of the Maldives1, 2008, contains the following provisions regarding natural resources and environment.

"22. The State has a fundamental duty to protect and preserve the natural environment, biodiversity, resources and beauty of the country for the benefit of present and future generations. The State shall undertake and promote desirable economic and social goals through ecologically balanced sustainable development and shall take measures necessary to foster conservation, prevent pollution, the extinction of any species and ecological degradation from any such goals."

"23. Every citizen the following rights pursuant to this Constitution, and the State undertakes to achieve the progressive realisation of these rights by reasonable measures within its ability and resources: [�] (d) a healthy and ecologically balanced environment; [�]"

"67. The exercise and enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms is inseparable from the performance of responsibilities and duties, and it is the responsibility of every citizen: (h) to preserve and protect the natural environment, biodiversity, resources and beauty of the country and to abstain from all forms of pollution and ecological degradation;"

"232. The responsibilities of councils elected to provide for decentralised administration shall include: (c) to establish a safe, healthy and ecologically diverse environment;"

The Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of Maldives, 1993, sets the basic principles and rules of environmental protection in the Maldives. First Article states as introduction that "the natural environment and its resources are a national heritage that needs to be protected and preserved for the benefit of future generations. The protection and preservation of the country's land and water resources, flora and fauna as well as the beaches, reefs, lagoons and all the natural habitats are important for the sustainable development of the country." It also establishes the duty of the Ministry of Planning, Human Resources and Environment and provides for the creation of an Environment Impact Assessment.

For further information regarding environmental protection in the Maldives, please access the Ministry of Housing and Environment's website.

1. The official English version of the Constitution of Maldives is available on the Presidency's website..