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  • The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 19951

Azerbaijan’s current constitution is the 1995 version of the document with amendments approved by a public referendum in 2002. The text contains provisions with regards to the environment and natural resources, as following:

“Article 15 […] II. Azerbaijanian State participates in development of culture, education, public health, science, arts, protects environment, historical, material and spiritual heritage of people.”

“Article 39: Right to live in healthy environment
I. Everyone has the right to live in healthy environment.
II. Everyone has the right to gain information about true ecological situation and to get compensation for damage done to his/her health and property because of violation of ecological requirements.”

“Article 78: Protection of environment
Every citizen is responsible for protection of environment.”

More information about Environmental Protection in Azerbaijan is available through the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources’ website.

1. The full text in English of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan with its amendments can be found on the official website of the Presidency.