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Corvara Valley, Italy (Courtesy of Giulia Zaratti)

With Gratitude

We thank the panellists who have participated in the Interactive Dialogues of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature for sharing their in-depth knowledge and expertise on different perspectives to construct a new non-anthropocentric paradigm. In this new paradigm, humankind is an integral part of Nature, accepting "Nature's rule of law", which dictates that we cannot continue growth indefinitely on a finite planet. Our thanks also to the audience that has attended the dialogues and followed the debate on social media for their keen interest in the different perspectives presented at the dialogues.

Our heartfelt gratitude is owed to Marianne Morin, Pedro Scudeller and Marianne Daval from the United Nations internship programme, who have assisted in the research and the compilation of these Resources. Special thanks are due to Griffin Roberge, junior politics major and research assistant at Saint Anselm College, who also assisted in the compilation of the resources. Griffin was directed by Barbara Baudot, Professor of International Relations and Environmental Studies at Saint Anselm College and President of the Triglav Circle.

Marianne, Pedro, Griffin and many other interns who have participated in the work on Harmony with Nature since 2009 represent the future generation, which firmly believes that our present lifestyle must come to respect the ecological limits of the Earth, our common home, to and promote the well-being of Nature. Their current education is embedded in many of the perspectives and principles shared by the panelists at the dialogues. They aspire to build a society that truly sustains Nature and lives within its laws, have been inspired by the dialogues on Harmony with Nature and look to the United Nations General Assembly to outline further work in this area.

Together this future generation and the United Nations are working to deepen our understanding of our integration with Nature and how, individually and collectively, we can act as a force towards the restoration of the balance and health of Nature in our modern world.