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  • Constitution of the Republic of Austria, 1920

The Constitution of the Republic of Austria1, 1920, was modified and amended in 1994 when Austria became a member of the European Union.
The Austrian Constitution does not contain any fundamental disposition for the environment protection.

The federal legal system is since 2003 harmonized with the Aarhus Convention and has established environmental criteria according to national legislation. Furthermore, Austria is the only one of a few countries that have special courts dealing exclusively with environmental cases since 1994, and is regulated under the Federal EIA Act 2000.

The Austrian Strategy for Sustainable Development (NSTRAT) was adopted in 2002. It is coordinated by the Committee for a Sustainable Austria (CSA).

Information on Austriaís environmental legislation can be accessed through the Governmentís official website.

1. The Constitution of the Republic of Austria can be provided, in German, English and French, by the Constitutional Courtís official website.