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  • The Grenada Constitution Order1, 1973

In the constitution of 1973 the environment and natural resources are mentioned in Chapter I "Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms", Article 6, Section 6, Paragraph a vii.
6.- "(6) Nothing contained in or done under the authority of any law shall be held to be inconsistent with or in contravention of subsection (1) of this section-
a. to the extent that the law in question makes provision for the taking of possession or acquisition of any property, interest or right-
vii. for so long only as may be necessary for the purposes of any examination, investigation, trial or inquiry or, in the case of land, for the purposes of the carrying out thereon of work of soil conservation or the conservation of other natural resources or work relating to agricultural development or improvement (being work relating to such development or improvement that the owner or occupier of the land has been required, and has without reasonable excuse refused or failed, to carry out)".

More information regarding environmental legislation in Grenada can be obtained through the Food and Agriculture Organization Legal Office's website.

1. The Constitution of Grenada is currently available on the Government's official website