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Solomon Islands
  • The Constitution of Solomon Islands1, 1978

The Constitution of Solomon Islands contains the following provisions regarding natural resources:

“Preamble (b) the natural resources of our country are vested in the people and the government of Solomon Islands;”
“Article 2 (vii) for so long only as may be necessary for the purposes of any examination, investigation, trial or enquiry or, in the case of land, the carrying out thereon (A) of work of soil conservation or of conservation of other natural resources; […]”
The Environment Health Act, 1980, was established as “an Act to make provisions for securing and maintaining environmental health and for matters connected therewith of incidental thereto.” Solomon Islands also got an Environment Act in 1998, which, according to the FAO Legal Office’s website, “sets out a general legislative framework for the protection of the environment in the Solomon Islands and provides for the establishment of the Environment and Conservation Division and the Environment Advisory Committee and for development control, environmental impact assessment, review and monitoring and control of pollution.” Objectives of this Act are:
(a) “to provide for and establish integrated systems of development control, environmental impact assessment and pollution control;
(b) to prevent, control and monitor pollution;
(c) to reduce risks to human health and prevent the degradation of the environment by all practical means, including the following -
(i) regulating the discharge of pollutants to the air, water or land;
(ii) regulating the transport, collection, treatment, storage and disposal of wastes;
(iii) promoting recycling, re-use and recovery of materials in an economically viable manner; and
(d) to comply with and give effect to regional and international conventions and obligations relating to the environment.”

More information about environment policies can be accessed through the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Meteorology’s website and the legislation on the environment in Solomon Islands can be accessed here.

1. The official English version of the Constitution of Solomon Islands is available on the Parliament's website.